Central Heating


all you need to know

Hot water and a warm house are two things we all seem to take for granted, the boiler can so easily be over looked when making home improvements. If you are thinking about a new boiler or full central heating we are on hand for free advice. If you’re not sure how old your existing boiler is and just needed someone to pop in for those few niggling questions you have regarding the boiler pick up the phone we are more than happy to help.
We offer all types of central heating works. We tailor these jobs around yours and your family needs. We are experts in boiler installations and system upgrades.
We know everyone’s budget can be different so offer a wide range of products that can accommodate for everyone’s needs. We will advise and offer our opinions but we will never force a certain brand or product upon you. With so many years industry experience installing and maintaining boilers we have a great understanding of the best products on the market.

CMS will try all possible avenues to keep your existing boiler and system working to its full potential for as long as possible. Never will we advise straight to a replacement boiler unless we genuinely feel that long term it will be in your best interest.
We also know that the price of our energy is not slowing any time soon, therefore we know how important it is to have the most energy efficient appliances and working systems as possible in our homes.
If you do have any questions regarding your central heating or if you are interested in a free no obligation quotation don’t hesitate to get in touch.