Central Heating


all you need to know

A wide range of plumbing services are available from us at CMS. None of us can predict what is around the corner especially when it comes to home improvements and in particular the small everyday jobs that can easily be overlooked. We are happy to help in any way possible. A leaking tap or a small drip from that pipe under the sink can so easily escalate before you know it. Don’t delay it any further, no job is too small for us at CMS.
Our day to day services vary so much but there is no job we will shy away from.
Some frequent problems we are called to on a weekly basis can range from fixing mechanical parts in the toilet, burst or leaking pipework the list goes on. If you can think of it we are willing to help.
CMS are also available to help with the installation of new water required white goods.
When plumbing is involved the list could be endless so if you have a question fill in the contact form or give us a call and we will always be on hand to help you out.